Even With Small Kids, Take Time For Yourself and Maybe Even Enjoy an All Inclusive Adult Vacation

If you have small children, it’s easy to get wrapped up in their lives. If you have a baby, there are diapers to be changed and feedings to administer. Baths are important, and the laundry and cleaning seem to be never-ending. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and forget about having a meaningful conversation with your spouse. Having a child is certainly nothing like an all inclusive adult resort, and if you have kids, you probably think you’ll never see another vacation again. I mean, even if you were able to carve out the time, who has any extra money these days? Instead, you may have to set your sights a little lower if you want to get away from the kids for a bit.

Getting some alone time doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the vacation for singles you used to take before you met your husband or wife. In fact, sometimes the simpler getaways are the best, as all you really want to do is relax anyways. And the best thing is that your getaway doesn’t need to be a getaway at all-you can stay at your own house and relax just as easily as somewhere else. The first thing you’ll have to do is find someone to take the kids. If you have grandparents in the area, that’s a good option. They might want to take the kids to the zoo or to a ballgame. Maybe you have other family in the area, like a brother, sister, or aunt and uncle. They may be able to take the kids for a day or perhaps even overnight. And even if you don’t have any family in the area, you probably have friends with kids. See if they’ll take your kids if you offer to take their kids some day. This sort of reciprocation works great when your own family is too far away to easily take your kids.

The best thing about getting away from your hectic everyday life is you don’t have to do anything exotic. Any parent of small children will tell you that it’s a wonderful experience to simply sleep through the night not having to worry about a child waking up and be able to sleep in the next morning. Perhaps they’ll drink their coffee slowly while reading the paper or watching the news on the television. Maybe they’ll go for a walk. Not exactly the sort of crazy stuff that goes on in an adults only resort, right? But that’s the whole point. When you have children, your view of free time often changes. You’ll be back to the grind soon, so you might as well relax!

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